About us01

We have a dream, to make a difference in the lives of the people we are able to touch. Katoenknop, founded in 2016, stemmed from a bilateral dream. Firstly, we had a vision to establish a global forum for selling hidden locally sourced products. Secondly, we as the founders of Katoenknop, had the urge to get involved with fundraising and supporting charities. When both of these dreams collided, Katoenknop was born.

We have a passion for South African artistry and creating exquisite and bespoke items, that are both beautiful and admired for their quality. Our aim is to supply a platform to achieve these goals. Our products steal the hearts of their owners and become the focal point and the centre of attention in any room.

Baby Moses - Baby & Child Sanctuary

How we want to help02

We have an immense love for children, this has been one of our major motivations! Because of this we started the initiative to donate R 10 of every Baby and Toddler product we have sold to Baby Moses.

Baby Moses is a place of safety that cares for abused, abandoned and neglected children in surrogate families. (There are 3 to 12 children per family unit). Here they experience first hand a ‘normal’ functioning family, where their physical, emotional, medical and educational needs are met with lots of love, compassion and patience.

So please help us to help them. If you would like any other information on how to get involved with Baby Moses, please go visit their website at www.babymoses.co.za